"The B2B technology market place is exceptionally crowded and the internet is awash with conflicting information. To stand out businesses need to create PR and content that positions their offerings in a way that is personalised, contextual and relevant. This means focussing on vertical sector issues and the needs of the end user or the end users own customers. Marketing in a Box leads the way with this approach."

Ralph Sheridan, VP, Client Engagement at Forrester

"When the Cabinet Office began to quote the possible savings of our solution I knew the game had changed. We have executed our strategy and at all times Marketing in a Box have worked as an extension of our team and added value to the process."

Darren Hunt, Sales and Marketing Director (UK & Ireland), Unit4

A few of the companies our consultants have worked with...
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Dell - Perot Systems
  • Click Software
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