Our Beliefs

We love marketing and public relations, but if you want a happy-clappy, fluffy, jargon-filled agency we are not for you. We’re in the serious business of business.

Our B2B technology clients operate in highly competitive markets. We are committed to helping them attract and nurture  prospects with PR and content that is of real value to their customers. By focussing on the end customers' business issues, delivered in convenient and creative formats, we have a proven history of helping our clients stand out from the crowd to ultimately grab attention and market share. Here's what  you can expect when working with Marketing in a Box:

Vertical expertise

Our vertical industry focus means that we understand the diverse challenges of the markets our clients operate in. This appreciation of the different issues in each sector makes the content we produce more relevant and elevates the standing of our clients.  

Technology experts

We also pride ourselves on understanding the technologies our clients sell. This doesn't mean the bits and bytes, for us it’s about understanding and communicating business benefits. Reduced costs, increased sales, better collaboration, time saved and better customers services are after all the reason your prospects consider your solutions.

Business and marketing savvy

All our consultants are seasoned professionals. It is critical to us that we understand your strategy and services. Using this, in combination with our sector focus, we aim to grow your sales pipeline and support the closing of deals.

Technology Expertise

  • ERP
  • Supply Chain
  • Telecoms
  • Business Apps
  • Human Capital Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud

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