Marketing in a Box provide three services which are perfectly aligned to the new B2B landscape.

Four out of five B2B buying decisions are based upon recommendation and sixty percent of the sales process is over before your salespeople meet a prospect.

If you are not adapting to these changes there is considerable risk that your competitors will steal momentum and ultimately market share from you.

We provide three services which are perfectly aligned to this new B2B landscape and encourage your prospects to put up their hand and say that issue impacts us, we want your help:

  1. Public relations services: We place both your - and your customers' - voices in the publications that influence.
  2. Content strategy: We optimise content strategy: what you want to say, to who, about what and when.
  3. Content production: We create the fuel for inbound marketing that drives prospects to your brand.

These three services work together, with each being leveraged by the other to coordinate sales campaigns.

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